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Briony O Clarke

B R I O N Y   O   C L A R K E




Participatory Cartography



2009-2011 . Royal College of Art

MA . Communication Art & Design

2008 . Byam Shaw . Central St Martins

Postgraduate Diploma . Fine Art

2004-2008 . London Metropolitan

School of Architecture

BA Hons . Interior Architecture/Spatial Design



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Briony O Clarke . Portmeirion Village . Artist In Residence

Artist in Residence

2O14 – 2O17

O2 .  OO  : OO . OO

A long term period of residency within the constructed destination of Portmeirion Village, North Wales to research and develop alternative modes of production and stages of distribution. A lived experiment in psychogeography and vehicle drift directly within the boundaries of a intentional Tourist Attraction.


Initial residency period funded with the Support of Arts Council England


Attraction Manager .  Meurig Jones

Fabrication . Dylan Evans, Gina Rajfur & Matthew DeGraffenried

Lighting . Gareth Wyn Williams

Photography . Zoe Kabir

Production Assistant . Catherine Fraser



Briony O Clarke . Science . Gallery . Microscopic Saliva Moon

Science Gallery London


O2 . ⊥Õ : 1O . 2O

Live salivary performance commissioned as part of a season of events by Science Gallery – Kings College London

. Link .


Briony O Clarke . Science Gallery-300x160

Photography . Richard Eaton

Original SEM Photography  . David McCarthy

F U T U R E  H I S T O R Y

Future History . Briony O Clarke . Future Geologies

Museum Exhibition


O2 . ‡⊥ : 1O . 12

An exhibition of Set Town geologies and future artefacts within the Thurrock Museum, Essex.

. Link .

Credits .

Local Historian .  Jonathan Catton

Museum Curator . Simon Brinkley

Fabrication . Dylan Evans

Production Assistant . Alice Hunt

Photography . Zoe Kabir

This project was funded by Arts Council England


Briony O Clarke . Set Town . Station . 1

Chelmsford . Radio Still Loves You


Group Exhibition

Credits .

Commissioned by .  James Torble



Briony O Clarke . William Morris . Designer Socialism

Wysing Arts Centre


Workshop Retreat

During five immersive and reflexive days participants led their own workshop, took part in the activities led by others and joined in talks by invited speakers as a means of exploring their practice, sharing ideas, and approaching their work from other perspectives.

The title of the retreat referred indirectly to the lecture How We Live and How We might Live (1884) given by the English textile designer, artist, writer, and socialist William Morris.  Here Morris writes about an ideal utopian existence and a future society based on common ownership and sharing means of production. Whilst engaging with the world of materiality, through sharing different making skills and sensitivity to the physical/material world, this may enable us to produce and bring another world closer to us.

Credits .

Briony Clarke-.-Wysing-.-Retreat-1

The invited speakers were: Dr. Spike Bucklow, David Mabb, Amanda Game, Dr Catharine Rossi and Conor Wilson

How We Make and How We Might Make was funded by Arts Council England through an initiative to support the development of crafts in the East and South East of England.


W I N T E R  G A R D E N


Rednile Projects


Selected visual artists, sculptors, architects, sound artists, performers and filmmakers took part in a weekend of talks by Social anthropologist Alan Dowson, Xsite Architect Tim Bailey and MIMA Curator who offered 3 very different perspectives to the themes of Monuments, modernist architecture, regeneration, social history and collaboration.

The artists were brought together to test out ideas in response to the history of the site and surrounding architecture of Middlesbrough with a subsequent opportunity available to apply for a Unique Commission opportunity to realise a new piece of work.



In collaboration with Navigator North and supported by Middlesbrough Council, MIMA, East Street Arts and Xsite Architecture.


Briony O Clarke . Set Town . Familiar . YMCA



O2 . ∄Õ : 12  . O1

The Familiar is a hand held, pulse responsive orb which echos the users heart beat in gentle pulses of light. Several Familiars have been installed throughout Central London Y M C A and left as speculative tools to be used by individuals and in group sessions.

Commissioned by Architecture OO who are working with the Central YMCA on how they can strengthen their role as the institution that leads London’s wellbeing into the 21st century. With a long history of innovation and inclusion, nurturing people’s mind, body and soul – they are now working with the members, staff and the wider public to think afresh about fulfilling these principles.

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Briony O Clarke . 00 Architecture

B A S I L D O N  P S Y C H O M E T R Y

Briony O Clarke . Remote View . Psychic Sculpture-1024x682

R I B A Lates


O2 . ‡⊥ : 1O . 12

RIBA presents Make No Small Plans, a special evening exploring big urban thinking on a blank canvas. Part of a season of events hosted in conjunction to the exhibition Creation from Catastrophe – How Architecture Rebuilds Communities.

Psychometry also known as token-object reading, or psychoscopy, is a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. Basildon Psychometry  was a live experiment using this technique to speculate upon the lives of inhabitants of Basildon New Town – past and present through the psychic reading their personal objects.

. Link .



Metaphysician . Emma Toynbee

Production Assistant . Sarah Cockings

Commissioned by .  RIBA Lates


A S S O C I A T E   A R T I S T

Briony O Clarke . Firstsite

Firstsite Gallery


The Firstsite Associate Artist scheme is a professional development initiative for artists based in the East of England who graduated no more than three years ago from BA, MA or PhD. This is a self-directed programme which enables artists to identify both individual and shared interests in current practice whilst working in a supportive and complementary context.

Alongside engagement with exhibiting artists, Firstsite’s public programme and Exhibition and Learning teams, Associate Artists will benefit from a range of opportunities across a practical and theoretical spectrum.


Briony O Clarke

This scheme has been generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.
Associates .

S E A  S C R O L L S

1 . Ocene . Briony Clarke . Set Town . Sea Fax

Centre for Alternative Technology



Exhibition of the Sea Scrolls as part of CAT’s 40th year celebrations.

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) (Welsh: Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen) is an eco-centre in Powys, mid-Wales, dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development. CAT, despite its name, no longer concentrates its efforts exclusively on alternative technology, but provides information on all aspects of sustainable living. It is open to visitors, offers postgraduate degrees as well as shorter residential courses; and publishes information on renewable energy, sustainable architecture, organic farming, gardening, and ecologically friendly living. CAT also runs education programmes for schools





NMAC Foundation . Spain


Workshop with Wilfredo Prieto

This four day workshop, devised by Fundación NMAC Montenmedio Arte Contemporáneo was directed towards emerging artists who would like to be engaged in a dialogue about the creative process based on the exchange of ideas with Cuban Artist Wilfredo Prieto.

Wilfredo Prieto´s work is known for its conceptual forcefulness and narrative brevity with no superfluous elements. With a refined sense of humour, we are able to find in his work an insistent reference to artistic practice, semantic games and a poetry that joins persistence and subtlety in a balanced way.

Credits .


Organised and funded by The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and The NMAC Foundation



Briony O Clarke . Love Seat . Office Chair Sculpture

The Art Foundation . Athens


The exhibition explores the imaginative and creative qualities inherent in the world of things that surround us. Inanimate things come to life, act on their own accord, invade our space and appropriate it, bringing forward the poetical dimension of the everyday. Through choreographing a series of encounters with the objects, the works question the commonplace attitudes we tend to assume towards the established material culture.

The majority of works are the result of the collection and remodelling of commonplace objects. Through different creative processes objects are redefined, highlighting the exciting and surprising element inherent in the ordinary. The exhibition oscillates between order and disorder, organization and randomness, presenting these ideas interdependently.

Delving into the strange world of things, the exhibition proposes a revolutionary way of managing the everyday, emphasizing the transgressive possibilities of this critical stance towards reality. If in the words of Saramago ‘’…in the new order of things, things are us”, the uprising of things can only point towards our own uprising.


Curator . Irini Bachlitzanaki

Participating Artists .

Fernanda Almeida, Dimitris Ameladiotis, Katerina Antonopoulou, Rodrigo Carvalho, Carlos Castro, Briony Clarke, Sebastian Contreras, Kostas Daflos, Derek Fenix, Christos Giannoulis, Silvio Giordano, Giorgos Gyparakis, Jeremy Hutchison, Laura Kikauka, Maria-Anna Kollyri, Illiodora Margellos, Miguel Neto, Jordi Planas, Daphne Polyzos, Lucia Quevedo, Michael Schultz, Jan Svankmajer, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Ur5o


T H E  L A W S  T H A T

B A L A N C E  T H E  W A V E

Set Town . Ocene . Town Scryer . 1 for web

Ruskin and the Art of Briony Clarke


Lecture & Publication

. Link .



Author . Alan Davis

Thanks To .

The Ruskin Library . Lancaster University

The Ruskin Review



Birmingham Open Media


Group Exhibition

This exhibition re-imagines a missing sculpture by artist Julian Henry Beck from the collection of Nuneaton Museum.

The exhibition asks important questions about the digitisation of archives and the potential loss of information between pixels. It follows artist Jo Gane’s ongoing research into the practice of little-known artist and engineer Julian Henry Beck, using reverse engineering to revive historic techniques and explore how past events can be viewed ‘objectively’ in images from the fields of forensic science and archaeology.

Credits .


Curator . Jo Gane

R E A L  T I M E  L A B

Briony O Clarke . Arduino . I O T

Internet of Things


Workshop & Lab

Real Time Lab brought together eight European artists from a range of disciplines to engage in an intensive week of activity focussed on the emerging worlds of locative media and internet of things.

Credits .

Collusion Logo

Real Time Lab was hosted at Anglia Ruskin University within the CoDE research institute run by Dr Rob Toulson. The programme was funded by Arts Council England, Anglia Ruskin University and University of Cambridge Museums. In kind support was received from the ARM mBed IoT team in Cambridge.

R E D_ I N E S S  I I

Briony O Clarke . Nada

Calvert 22


Group Exhibition

Collaboration with Nada Prlja on her film ( Red-iness II ) to be screened during this exhibition at Calvert 22.

Taking its title from William Morris’s News from Nowhere, ‘…how is it towards the east?’ is a month-long exhibition comprising talks, workshops, screenings and new commissions at Calvert 22.

In collaboration with a host of local organisations and individuals this rich programme makes visible a body of research into the histories, both personal and collective, of the Calvert 22 building and surrounding area.

Fostering conversations around how histories are written and recorded in print and on screen ‘..how is it towards the east?’ critically examines modes of self-organisation and the traces of Eastern European and Russian immigration in the East End.


Briony O Clarke . Nada

Collaboration between Nada Prlja, Briony Clarke & Sarah Cockings

E X P E R I M E N T A L  C O M E D Y

T R A I N I N G   C A M P

Briony O Clarke . Art & Comedy Cam

The Banff Centre


Rule #1: What you were doing and calling “art” is now called “experimental comedy.”

This 8 week residency included a light study of contemporary humour theory in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and cognitive linguistics as well as a sprint through comedy-writing instructional texts and books on comedy in the visual arts.

A weekly experimental comedy club, daily prank calls, and regular “roasts”  occured, where we took existing works of art, ideas, and forms of practice to tweak, skewer, prune and graft them to create new destabilizing chimera. In group sessions, the four main areas of focus were language/logic, movement/character, scenario/situation, and things which do things.

. Link .


Briony O Clarke . Art & Comedy

Faculty: Michael Portnoy, Ieva Misevičiūtė
Guests: Steven M. Johnson, Reggie Watts


Sarah Adams . Leah Bryne . Lee Campbell . Sean Joseph Patrick Carney .  Selina Doroshenko . Sarah Febbraro . Emily Kathleen McIntyre . Fake Injury Party . Bridget Moser . Bean Gilsdorf . Neil LaPierre . Teresa Foley . Maarit Suomi-Väänänen . Scott Leeming . Sean J Patrick Carney .  Jon Pham McCurley . Amy Lam – Life of a Craphead

W A N D E R I N G  T O  R O O S T

Briony Clarke . Jungian Art .Here Dart

Door to Door Art


O2 . ⊥Õ : 1O . 19 . O1 . O1

Wandering to Roost was a 3 month long tour of Archway, North London.

In order to traverse the boundaries of a conventional gallery space, Briony Clarke and Sarah Cockings created their own nomadic galleries in the form of two rolling red wagons. These transient exhibition spaces have been carted through the streets of Archway as Briony and Sarah assume the role of door to door salespeople. Inside the wagons are the artists sculptures, a series of objects designed to prompt participation and give an invitation to thier temporary base. A shop space on Archway High Street.



Photography . Chris Lane

Contributors . Alys Jenkins . Somang Lee .  Cat Roissetter .